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10 Great New YA Books to Read in June 2023

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It’s June, one of my favorite months of the year. Not only is it the start of summer, but it’s also Pride Month, so it feels just extra celebratory and joyous. I’m heading into June with that same joy and happiness, but also a dash of determination as LGBTQ+ rights are being threatened in nearly every state in the U.S. One thing that makes it a little bit better? New books. New books almost always make things feel a little brighter, and June has a great line-up of new YA releases that sound amazing.

There are loads of great books to look forward to this month, many of which are LGBTQ+ (YAY PRIDE!) including my own release, Manslaughter Park, a queer retelling of Mansfield Park. And believe it or not, that’s not the only Austen retelling dropping this month! We also have some great new books from your favorite queer authors as well as some exciting fantasy and contemporary novels, and at least three books are about bakers. I didn’t include the sequel to Ellie Marney’s None Shall Sleep, Some Shall Break, in this list as I imagined it might already be on your radar (it sure is on mine!) but don’t miss that follow up. Now, let’s get ready to build your summer reading lists and dive in!

The Dos and Donuts of Love cover

The Dos and Donuts of Love by Adiba Jaigirdar (June 6)

Shireen has just learned she’s a contestant on the first ever Junior Irish Baking Show, which is something she should be over the moon about. Not only could she really use the cash prize if she wins, but she’s hoping that her time on TV will help out her family’s struggling donut shop. But the only problem? Her ex-girlfriend Chris is also a contestant. And if that wasn’t complicated enough, she’s now crushing on fellow contestant Niamh. The drama is about to get real.

Book cover of Secret of the Moon Conch

Secret of the Moon Conch by David Bowles and Guadalupe García McCall (June 6)

Sitlali lives in modern day Mexico, and she’s without any family or friends. In order to escape a gang leader, she must make the dangerous trek to the U.S., but she stumbles upon a conch with mysterious markings before setting out. Calizto is an Aztec warrior in 1521 fighting against the Spanish colonizers when he discovers asks a sacred conch for direction, and hears Sitlali through the conch. They can communicate through the conch, but soon they’re falling for each other across centuries.

Going Bicoastal Book Cover

Going Bicoastal by Dahlia Adler (June 13)

Natalya has only 24 hours to make a decision that could change the course of her summer: Stay in NYC with her dad or go to L.A. to reconnect with her estranged mom. The book follows both paths as Natalya gets up the courage to talk to the girl she’s been crushing on in NYC, and tentatively gets to know her mom again and meets a boy in L.A.

fatima tate takes the cake book cover

Fatima Tate Takes the Cake by Khadijah Vanbrakle (June 13)

Fatima loves hanging out with her friends, baking, and spending time with her family. When she meets older guy Raheem, she falls for his charm. Her parents definitely won’t approve of them dating, so she keeps it secret…but when she discovers that her parents want to arrange their marriage, it feels like fate. But once officially engaged, Raheem turns manipulative and cruel, and threatens to ruin her reputation if Fatima breaks it off. Somehow she has to find the strength to do what’s right, even if it means opening herself up to an uncertain future.

this town is on fire book cover

This Town is On Fire by Pamela N. Harris (June 20)

Naomi and Kylie grew up together, practically sisters. Naomi’s mom was Kylie’s nanny, and despite the differences between the girls across class and race, they’re best friends. But when Kylie calls the police on a group of Black teens in a parking lot and a video of the incident goes viral, Naomi is left questioning their relationship and wondering if she really knows Kylie at all.

Where Echoes Die cover

Where Echoes Die by Courtney Gould (June 20)

Beck has been struggling since her mom, an investigative reporter, died. When she receives a mysterious letter points her to the town her mom was investigating before her death, Beck and her sister Riley head there to see if they uncover answers. What they find are more questions, especially surrounding a mysterious town leader and his daughter Avery, who are definitely hiding something. Beck is drawn to Avery, but as she digs deeper, she risks losing herself to this dangerous place.

You're Not Supposed to Die Tonight book cover

You’re Not Supposed to Die Tonight by Kalynn Bayron (June 20)

Charity works at Camp Mirror Lake, an immersive horror experience. She plays the camp’s “final girl” and enjoys acting out horror scenarios to scare and thrill their guests. But during the last weekend of the job, Charity’s co-workers begin to disappear and one ends up dead. Now Charity and her girlfriend will have to track down a real killer to avoid a grim fate.

The Plus One cover

Plus One by Kelsey Rodkey (June 27)

Lahey is extra talented at matchmaking…other people. When it comes to her own dating life, her needs usually take a back seat. But now she’s desperate for a plus one to her cousin’s sweet 16 in order to save face. To find the perfect match she’ll juggle six prospective dates in one week while her older sister’s best friend Adler watches — and attempts to distract her from her ultimate goal.

the shadow sister book cover

The Shadow Sister by Lily Meade (June 27)

When Casey’s sister Sutton goes missing, everyone around her is devastated and Casey can’t tell the truth about how they fought before Sutton went missing. In fact, everyone thinks Sutton is so perfect, but Casey knows otherwise. However, she’s not about to reveal that. So when Sutton reappears, Casey knows she should be relieved…except something is off about Sutton. She’s nice. She doesn’t seem to remember her life before. Something is very wrong, and Casey has a feeling it might be connected to the string of other missing girls in their area.

Something Close to Magic cover

Something Close to Magic by Emma Mills

Aurelie is a baker’s apprentice who doesn’t have grand dreams of adventure and romance — she just wants a stable, happy future. But when a stranger hands her a set of Seeking stones, Aurelie discovers a rare skill she didn’t know she had…and that same stranger asks her to help recover the prince, who is lost to the Underwood. This is more of an adventure than Aurelia bargained for, especially when she finds she might lose her heart along the way.

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