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7 Splash-Proof and Water-Proof Kindle Cases for Summer Reading

Grab one of these waterproof Kindle cases before you head out on any summer adventures. Your book/ereader will thank you.

More Bookish Embroidery Patterns for Stitch-Savvy Readers

Whether you're already stitch-savvy or new to the craft, get to stitching with these bookish embroidery patterns.

Daisy Jones and the Six Merch for Superfans

Pair these Daisy Jones and the Six items with the show soundtrack and convince people they really were the hottest band of the 1970's!

Festering Fungi! Mushroom Goodies For Fungal Horror Fans

Here are bookish mushroom goodies for readers who enjoy some fungi in their books, including art, tarot cards, journals, and more.

Daisy Jones Art and Prints for Your Music-Loving Heart

You will fall head over heels with this Daisy Jones art and prints, including bookmarks and more.

Books + Coffee

I selected a few of the best T-shirts, sweatshirts, and coffee cups that combine books + coffee, and present those to you here.

Make Your (Book)Mark: 15 Bookish Craft Kits to Bring Out Your Creative Side

From kid-friendly projects to the perfect rainy day activity, these bookish craft kits come with everything you need to get your craft on.

Book Fetish: Vol. 507

Welcome to Book Fetish: Volume 507, your round up of bookish clothing, art, accessories, reading tools, and more from around the web!

When You Open a Book, It Looks Like One: Bookish Butterfly Goods

Whether you like a good holographic sticker, clever t-shirt, or pretty bookmark, there are bookish butterfly goods for you.

12 Adorable Toddler Bookcases for Little Readers

How do you get kids to love reading? Surround them with books! Start with these adorable toddler bookcases.