Laura Sackton

Laura Sackton is a lifelong reader, writer, and lover of made up worlds. She lives in rural Massachusetts with her sweet pup, and together they are determined to find every good swimming hole within an hour's drive. She runs a tiny cookie business out of her home kitchen, and spends the rest of her time reading and writing about queer books. You can hear all about her favorites in her newsletter, Books & Bakes.

Coming Back, Changed, to Reading SFF

In 2020, after a lifetime of loving speculative fiction, I lost all interest in it. I am slowly coming back to SFF, but in a new way.

9 Beautiful Nonfiction Books by Trans & Nonbinary Asian Authors to Read Right Now

These nonfiction books by trans and nonbinary Asian authors will have you rethinking what you know about nature, gender, and life itself. Start with How Far the Light Reaches by Sabrina Imbler.

The Best Books You’ve Never Heard of From the 2000s

This list of brilliant books from the 2000s include a haunting literary masterpiece, fun stories in Tahiti, and lost more, like Blonde Indian by Ernestine Hayes.

Why I Don’t Review Comfort Books

My choice not to review comfort books has nothing to do with their "literary merit." It has everything to do with setting boundaries.

Weird Queer: An Introduction to the Genre

Take a dive into the Weird Queer genre, where traditional genres and binaries of all kinds disappear, merge, and mutate delightfully.

New & Upcoming Nonfiction & Poetry by AAPI Authors to Read & Preorder

Nonfiction lovers, you're in luck, because there's so much great new nonfiction and poetry by AAPI authors to pick up right now, including Horse Barbie by Geena Rocero.

8 Award-Winning Fantasy Books You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Here are eight fabulous award-winning fantasy books you might not have heard of, including The House of Rust by Khadijah Abdalla Bajaber.

Learning How to Read Slowly

Over the past few years, I've been thinking a lot about how to shift some of my bookish energy toward slower, more deliberate reading.

10 Books That Celebrate Mundanity and the Everyday

These books celebrate the mundane, the everyday, and the ordinary all around us.

Book Terms We Hate

Readers, we need to be better with how we talk about books. Here are just a few terms to banish from our collective vocabulary.