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Be Gay, Do Crime: 20 Must-Read LGBTQ+ Crime Novels

Check out these 20 LGBTQ crime novels in a range of genres that are full of elaborate plans, queer characters, and a whole lot of revenge!

Coming Back, Changed, to Reading SFF

In 2020, after a lifetime of loving speculative fiction, I lost all interest in it. I am slowly coming back to SFF, but in a new way.

Stories Told on the Internet

These stories, though all very different from each other, share the fact that they could not exist without the internet.

The Best New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books Out June 2023

This list of sci-fi and fantasy books out this June feature everything from robot-filled dystopian futures to magical murder mysteries. Start with The Moon Represents my Heart by Pim Wangtechawat.

10 Books Set At The Beach To Kickstart Your Summer

Welcome the summer heat with this list of books set at the beach, including The Beach Trap by Ali Brady and Happy Place by Emily Henry.

8 Chilling New Horror Books Coming Out June 2023

What can you expect from new horror books out in June 2023? Something uncanny. Psychological horror. A summer camp slasher, inc You’re Not Supposed to Die Tonight by Kalynn Bayron. And so much more.

8 of 幸运飞行艇开奖结果app官方下载 the Best Children’s Books Coming Out in Summer 2023

School's out for summer, but reading is still very much in! These are some of the best children's books summer 2023 has to offer, including Barely Floating by Lilliam Rivera.

Criminal Summer: 18 New Mystery & Thrillers For June 2023

This summer is all about (fictional) crime. Get in on the heists, schemes, twists, and turns with June's mystery and thriller new releases.

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